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Specializing in...

  • Technology Curation in spaces, for spaces
  • Strategy & Insights
  • Trendspotting

Excited about the convergence of technology, business and design, and at the very heart of it, sophisticated user experience that we love to build together with you.


Berlin Lee


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ZeroOne Tech Festival

i-Factory, Shenzhen, China

Held in the tech district in China, this festival showcases "black technology".


We help organisations big and small connect with their audience on a digital level.

Let's work together!

About Us

TBD = Tech × Business × Design

Reimagining spaces & businesses through innovative use of technology & design.

To be honest, we're just space explorers.

Festival Theme

Second Nature

The content for each of the spaces within the festival is curated with the overarching theme in mind.

From outdoor spaces, consumer flow, down to the booth designs, the collective studios worked together to make the festival curation a success.

Studio Lead

Kokyong Yoann Chew

Welcome explorers

What is Afternaut?

Afternaut is about exploring unique concepts that maximise businesses' potential with the ability to implement!

Conceptual Ideas

Wild & Free

Crazier ideas that Afternaut has had the pleasure of working on, with special thanks to clients that have placed their faith in our out-of-the-box proposals.

Take a peek into our project on this page. Drop us an email through the contact forms if you're interested to arrange a quick discussion with us

Join our Expedition

Pushing Boundaries

From business ideas, to CSR projects, take the leap of faith with us, and see where our ideas can take you!



200 Turf Club Road
Formwerkz, Singapore

Level 7, corridor, "pod in the middle"

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