Technology Exhibition

To curate content and design spaces within the exhibition

Proposed theme for this year's festival is "Second Nature"


ZeroOne Tech


Nov-Jun 2017


Event Curation

Space Design

What is Second Nature

Unlike other technology-centric fairs or exhibition which flaunts the latest shiny and new inventions, at this festival we want to bring you an experience unlike any other.

Every day, the construction of devices become more compact, and yet packs more processing power than ever. A computer that used to take up an entire room can now fit snugly in the palm of our hands and tucks away inconspicuously into our bags and pockets. Its role in our lives becomes increasingly secondary to various other endeavours in life/ all other pursuits in life.

Because at this technology festival, we aim to bring you through a journey in life where technology takes a backseat, and how technology is so naturally interwoven into the fabric of our lives, takes center stage.